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The Reader

February 2, 2011 Leave a comment

The Reader, by Bernhard Schlink is a finely crafted story.  I love the way it is told.  I love the moral dilemma the reader is faced with.  I love the setting of the story.  I am fascinated by this character Hanna and want to hear her voice and her story.  Of course, we can only hear Micheal’s story because he is the first person narrator.  He is sharing this story with us as a part of his healing process and his growth as a person.  The presence of Hanna stays with him his entire life and he will never be without her.  She, unknowingly, formed him and his sense of self.

The film version is also beautiful, moving, powerful.  Kate Winslet is wonderful as Hanna and the young actor who plays the young Michael is equally brilliant.  There is just something about the simple telling of this story that I love.  The presence of books and literature moves me.  The fact that he records himself reading to her moves me.  Reading is beautiful.  Literature is beautiful.  Words, emotions, feelings, stories, people.  All of it is wound into this novel.

I would really love to learn and read more about people living in post-WWII Germany and how the young people from Micheal Berg’s generation dealt with what happened in their parent’s generation.  I remember the movie pointing this out particularly well when Michael is in seminar and their is another young man who is very angry at his elders for allowing such terrible things to happen.