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My Sister’s Keeper? Meh…just glad to be done so I can get back to Twitter and following Paul McDonald!

April 3, 2011 Leave a comment

My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult kept me mildly interested when reading it.  I got a new computer when I was 1/3 into the book so that took my attention away from it for 2 weeks.  I am just stuck to the computer now and am not reading as much as I was when my old computer wasn’t working!  There are just so many interesting things on the internet to be learning about.  Oh yeah and checking my Twitter all day.  Now I am not only following Paul McDonald on Twitter, I am following all of his fan Twitterers…which is at least 10.  Some are called @PaulyMcDsGals, @fansforpaul, @PaulMcDLover, @PaulMcDsArm, @PaulMcDsTeeth, @PaulsSexyVoice and so on. 

 It is quite amusing actually and I find myself getting sucked into the realm of fanatacism.  Really people…they are just people who happened to be lucky and talented enough to get on T.V. and made into overnight national celebrities.  I do really like Paul though…he has some major talent as depicted from my T.V. screen.  And of course pretty damn easy on the eyes as well.  He is so adorable and I think that plus his singing really gets the ladies and the fangirls going.  I downloaded this wallpaper and now have it on my background…I know…pathetic.  But it is just so fun! 

I voted 47 times last week….and Paul was in the bottom 3…I must do better this week!